Our history

We are a technological handmade laboratory that manufacture jewelry.

Our laboratory was born in Valenza, one of the world capitals in the production of jewelry where are present the most famous maisons and ateliers of major international brands.

at the beginning our activity was developed using traditional craft techniques typical of classic jewelry.

In the 90s we were fascinated by new machining technologies, such as CAD design, CNC machining and various prototyping methods that were used in other industrial fields. With us, these technologies have been adapted to the needs of the goldsmith craft sector and integrated into the traditional production process.

In 2006, through a collaboration with Professor Pietro Pedeferri of the Giulio Natta Chemistry Department of the Politecnico di Milano, the passion in titanium processing was born. This decidedly fruitful experience has opened up new unique and unrepeatable paths.



Viale Alessandro Manzoni, 42 - 15048 Valenza (Al) - Italy


+39 0131 954637