Earrings Polileis

Hanging earrings in pure hypoallergenic titanium. Light and delicate ribbon shape – Polileis.

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Titanium earrings with anodized surface in various shades with crystal effect and natural gray outer edge.

Engraved brand logo. Exclusive packaging included.

The ‘Polileis Collection’ is inspired by the dynamic movement of a light ribbon, which turns into a delicate ornament, to be worn without thoughts. A refined, chic and joyful collection.


Additional information

Dimensions10 × 16 × 53 mm

Pure titanium




One size


53 mm


French hook


2 reviews for Earrings Polileis

  1. Elke Blair 29 mag 2015


    Beautiful and exactly to my specifications – great! Also made and delivered waaay faster than I dared hope. Very happy with this!!!

  2. Luci61


    Ho ricevuto in regalo dal mio caro marito gli orecchini in Titanio per i miei 60 anni! Che bellezza! Oltre alla forma particolare ed elegante sono anche comodi da portare perchè leggerissimi. Mi è venuta voglia di curiosare sul sito, terrò presente per il futuro questi gioielli interessanti!

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